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Hello! We are Group Of Five. We are a group of graduate students from the School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Arts in NYC.

As our name shows, we have five members and each of us specializes in different aspects of 3D animation which makes us decide to team up and make our own films. Together, we explore and develop our own production pipeline, from story to design, from modeling to rigging, from character effects to visual effects, from lighting to rendering. Together, we help, we support and we communicate with each other. Together, we learn, we make progress, and we grow up. Together, we make animation.

So far, we have made two animated short films, and we are looking forward to opportunities in the future.


Liukaidi Lukas Peng

Liukaidi Peng started his creation in 3D animation in college. During this time he directed three animated short films, “Finding the Light”, “Trace”, and “C.A.N.S”. After graduation, he worked as a storyboard artist at Light Chaser Animation and worked on two animated feature films, “Car and Peachtopia” and “White Snake”. In 2017, he came to the United States and created two short films during his two-year’s graduate study, “Counting Down” and “Crunch”. He was a story intern at Blue Sky Studios in the summer of 2018. In 2019, he worked as a previs artist at The Third Floor and he will soon start as a Layout Trainee at Disney Animation Studios in 2020.

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Lin Brenda Zhang

Lin Zhang went to college in Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University, Communicational Arts Department. In 2017, she came to the United States and was enrolled in Computer Arts Department at School of Visual Arts in New York City. During her graduate study, she joined GOF and started learning rigging. Together they created two short films and she was responsible for character modeling and rigging in these projects. In 2018, she took an internship at Blue Sky Studios’ Rigging Department. After graduation, she became a character model/rig intern at Pixar Animation Studios. Currently she is a character model/rig resident at Pixar and working on “Soul”, an animated feature film which will come up in 2020.


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Linda Zhou

Linda Zhou was graduated from School of Visual Arts, In the GOF team, she made Counting Down and CRUNCH with her teammates. She  mainly focus on Concept Arts, Colorkeys, Character and Scene Designs, Texturing and Shading, and hope can make animation and drawing for her whole life:)

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Zhengyu Ryan Wang

Graduating from Communication University of Zhejiang and School of Visual Arts, Zhengyu Wang is a CG FX artist who starts his learning and career path since 2013 in college. He has worked on several film and TV projects both in China and the US such as Brotherhood of Blades and Dark waters. As one of the main artists of animation “Crunch”, he loves this industry and is actively involved in it.


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Chao Wang

Chao Wang  Who graduated from the School of Visual Arts Computer Art in 2014. After graduation he freelanced around New York Area and worked in both film and commercial industry. Projects involved feature film 'Mojin: The Lost Legend' and feature animation 'White snake'. Later on, he went back to SVA in 2017 and finished his Master Degree in 2019. during those two years study, he joined Group of Five(GOF) made both 'Counting Down' and Thesis short film ‘ Crunch’. After he left School, he got his first internship in the Blue Sky Studio as a Character TD.

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